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Verification Server Solution

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Whai is Verification Server Solution ?

Digital Signature Secure Solution to verify
the integrity of the data and validity of the digital signature
and the certificate from a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

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    It consists of a server module that can be used in customer server and client modules that can be used from your PC or mobile. It supports various OS and browsers

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    Minimized the modification of the existing system using API based security program

  • Server/

    Offers Password, Decryption, Authentication related API Library


    Security can be applied easily with little work

  • Offers Fast and
    Safe Encryption

    Simple Protocol compared to conventional symmetric key approach


    No key exchange protocol


    No Key Management Daemon. Session Key generated every time


    No need to maintain a separate encrypted session


    Prevents MITM (Man In The Middle attack), Replay Attack with Session ID

  • e-Signature
    compliant to
    PKCS Standard

    Provides NPKI, GPKI, EPKI, MPKI Authentication


    Improved compatibility by being compliant to PKCS#7 Standard


    Supports different e-Signature such as Abbreviated Signature


    Certification Validation check with CRL (Certificate Revocation List) / OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol)

Solution Diagram

Trust Center

01. User Authentication

06. Result Sent to User

04. User verifies him or herself
through Secure Storage Medium

05. User Verified

03. For User Identification,
Secure Storage Medium Touch
Request sent to user

02. User Authentication
requested to KSID
Authentication Server

Solution Characteristics

  • Verification

    Identification and Identity
    Authentication of the Trading Partners

  • Confidentiality

    By encrypting the information itself, only people
    with the authority can access it, preventing leaks

  • Integrity

    Checks for any forgery during transfer process

  • Non-Repudiation

    Features that prevents the informant from denying