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Facial Recognition Solution

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WHAT IS Facial Recognition Solution ?

Utilizes Object Recognition Engine to recognize
user’s face. Detects and analyzes facial minutia to
compare and determine whether the person matches to the camera.

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    Was recognized for our technology’s accuracy and distinction by the KISA by keeping the recognition error below 0%.

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    Available for different fields such as smart device recognition, access controls, integrated controls, customer analysis.

Solution Characteristics and Specification

Facial Recognition Solution Features

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    Recognition Method depending on Minutia Extracting Method

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    Saves Recognition Data as binary numbers

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    Fast Processing Speed / Low Volume

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    Great Recognition Technology even to conformational changes

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    Facial Detection up to maximum of 40 degrees (each side)

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    Distance Measurement possible even with 1 Camera

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    Strong Recognition Percentage with Infrared lens

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    Compares the picture to real face… smart phone / web camera / ATM

Solution Specification

Angle of Rotation Recognition Possible up to ROLL Direction of Rotation ± 45° YAW Rotation ± 30°
Distance from Camera 4 to 5 meters even in low quality camera (2M Pixel USB WEB Camera)
Facial Size Facial Recognition Possible with Input Image over 40 x 40 Pixel.
The distance between the eyes have to be over 20 pixels to recognize. 1 kb per 1 image (data throughput)
Recognition Personnel No limit, but up to 8 to 10
Lighting Environment Characterized by strong light variations. Perfect Recognition in indoor environment. Guarantees strong quality recognition
Facial Expression and Accessories Characterized by strong expression variations. Strong Recognition against Sunglasses and scarves
Sex / Age 97% Success rate of Sex Recognition. Around 70% for age recognition due to variations
Distance Recognition Perfect distance recognition even with single camera.
Hardware Specifications CPU Pentium Dual Core (2Ghz or above) RAM DDR 1GB or above, CPU Shares 50%. Memory Uses 20MB to 150 MB. 80% using the Parallelization Algorithms
OS Reliance ANSI C based open CV

Facial Recognition Applicable Areas

Facial Recognition Solution Uses

  • Security / Monitoring

    Individual Security

    PC Security / Portable end-stage Security / Financial Security / ID / Point Card etc.

    Access Control

    Individual Access Control / Tracking / Antitheft / Customer Reception etc.

    Integrated Monitoring

    Criminal Suspect Presumption / Finding a missing child /Personal Information Protection / Access Control / Outer Boundary Guard / Intelligent Camera etc.
  • Marketing & Research

    Customer Purchase Analysis / Customer Response

    Saves and Analyzes the customer’s purchase information obtained through the image

    AD Effectiveness Analysis

    Advertising installed on smart devices collects and analyzes impressions

    Smart Device Users
    Attribute Analysis

    STB / Smart TV / Smart Phone
  • Advertisements / Interactive Media

    Customized Contents Delivery

    Combined with Smart Device, analyzes the exposed person’s attribute

    Hyper Video Authoring Tool

    Gives a specific feature by tracking objects on the image contents

    Movement Sensor

    Recognizes specific movements in the input image. Implements interactive contents to regular camera device.
  • Entertainment

    Intelligent Contents Making Solution

    Interactive Contents using Movement Sensors
    : Educational Contents / K-Pop Cover Dance Training System

    Avatar Solution

    Facial Recognition → Tracking → Avatar

Solution Application

ATM Illegal Withdrawal Prevention Solution

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    World’s First Distance Measurement Technology with Single Camera

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    If the ATM user steps away from the available withdrawal area or avoids the camera, withdrawal is ceased and alarm rings

Various Authentication and Payment Solution

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    Can be used as a security authentication even when making transaction using an application

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    Using high leveled authentication, duplication of such security verification is not possible