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Fingerprint Smart Watch

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WHAT IS Fingerprint Smart Watch ?

A smart watch with fingerprint authentication for
registered users with a built-in fingerprint sensor

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    Protects against hacking and information leaks by storing certificates and personal information using the built-in eSE (embedded Secure Element).

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    By storing payment information on eSE, online log-ins and payments are made easy through fingerprint verification.

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    Interfacing with smart devices such as iPhones and Android phones is made possible by using NFC and Bluetooth.

Fingerprint Smart Watch Functions






Health Care

Features and Specifications

Fingerprint Smart Watch Features

  • Security

    Protects against hacking and information leaks by saving biometric data and certificates on eSE

  • Convenience

    Authenticates a user simply by using biometric data instead of complex passcodes

  • Portability

    Provides portability by storing all biometric data and certificates on the IC chip of a smart watch

  • Scalability

    Supports PC and mobile applications for financial transactions, e-commerce, public bidding, etc.

  • Standards Compliance

    Complies with domestic and international standards such as KISA Bio Security Token Compatibility Test, Forgery Resistance Assessment, etc.

  • Compatibility

    Provides compatibility with different Smart Devices based on the Android and iOS by Bluetooth

Fingerprint Smart Watch Specifications

OS Android 4.3 or higher / iOS 8 or higher
AP Quarter ARM A7, 1.20Ghz
Battery 420mA (Lasts up to 2 days)
Display 1.54-inch touch IPS Display (Resolution 320 x 320)
Fingerprint Jinco universal co. ltd
Connection Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) / NFC / Wi-Fi / Micro USB (Charging)
Material Aluminum
Weight 45g (Core Unit)
Size 13.58 mm x 47.33 mm x 11.05 mm(W x L x H)

Fingerprint Smart Watch Applicable Areas

Fingerprint Smart Watch can be used both online and offline for authentication and payment.
Safer authentication/payments are made possible through fingerprint authentication.

  • Online Authentication

    Authentication during any log-ins to Online
    Banking, Public Institution, and General Enterprise

  • Offline Access Control

    Offline Access controls using Government ID Card,
    Employee ID Card, Student ID Card, Car Smart Key, etc.

  • Online Payment

    Online Payments for Bank Transfer, Internet Shopping,
    Bills, Medical Services, Cultural Content Purchases, etc.

  • Offline Payment

    Offline Payments for general transactions, bills,
    medical services, parking and public transportation, etc.