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As a “Global Leading Security Service Provider”,
KSID will become the No.1 Global Company.

CEO Greetings

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Welcome to Korea Smart ID Corp. (KSID) Website.

As the new world of FinTech (Finance and IT Technology) and IoT (Internet of Things) arrive, KSID is prepared to lead the new paradigm of Information Security. In an era of new evolution where financial transactions are conducted on the internet and where smart devices are controlled on the net, the new market requires an authentication service with minimum inconvenience and maximum security.

As new IT trends start to appear, new security threats have been expanded as well. Constant cyber threats and hacking, information theft from cyber terrorism against financial, public, and corporate sectors as well as network accidents accentuate the necessity and the importance of reliable information security.

In response to such changes, Korea Smart ID has continually developed new technologies and products, and expanded our security authentication services in the finance, public, business, education, and logistics sectors.

"Always working from the customer's perspective, our services are not feature-driven for the sake of technology; instead KSID provides value-centered services
using convenient and secure products and technologies."

Recently we developed authentication technologies based on a web standard (HTML5) that can be easily used without requiring a separate installation of programs based on Non-ActiveX, Non-Plugin methods. We now provide more powerful and convenient ID authentication services using a FIDO-based biometric authentication solutions that do not require Passcodes. As a “Global Leading Security Service Provider” KSID will continue to create and innovate, and lead the global information security market. We appreciate your interest in KSID and we ask for your continued support.

Thank you.

Dong Su Kim, CEO