Global Leading Security Service Provider

As a “Global Leading Security Service Provider”,
KSID will become the No.1 Global Company.


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The footprints of continuous challenge
KSID walked through


Business Agreement for TEE based Electronic Signature Verification Service with KFTC
Fingerprint Smart Card Supply for Istanbul Taxis
WOORI – PPS eBidding Service Open
Provided Kyunghee University R&D Labs PC Lock Solution for Secure Data Management


Woori Bank – Mobile electronic bidding system Development Business Contract with PPS (Public Procurement Service)
Fingerprint Smart Card Supplier Agreement with Woori Bank
FIDO based Open Verification Platform PoC Contract with KFTC (Korea Financial Telecommunications & Clearings Institute)
Obtain FIDO Alliance Associate Membership
Application Development Agreement with TRUSTONIC
Open Trial services of Fingerprint Smart Card based Mobile e-bidding system
Acquisition of the nation’s first Financial IC Card Quality Certification for Fingerprint Smart Card
from KFTC (Korea Financial Telecommunications & Clearings Institute)


Logistic Security Business Agreement (Including Fingerprint Smart Card) with Posco ICT
Patent for NFC Communication based Payment System and Smart Card
Alliance Contract for Membership Authentication Card with OCU and Shin Han Card
NFC based MobileID Business Agreement Concluded with Crosscert
NFC Smart Card based Verification Service Alliance Contract with Woori Bank
Passed the MobileID based KISA Security Compliance Test
KSID Certified as a Venture Company by SBC(Small and Medium Business Corporation)
Secure Biometric Wristband PoC with Gemalto
Fingerprint Smart Card production ramp up
  • Certified KISA Security
    Compliance Test

  • Certified as a Venture

  • Established R&D Center


USIM Based MobileID Business Agreement with Crosscert
MobileID Supplier Agreement with OCU (Open Cyber University)
MobileID Business Agreement with Hana SK card


Established Korea Smart ID (Nov 2013)