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NFC Smart Card

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WHAT IS NFC Smart Card ?

A hardware-based Security Token with built-in security passcode module

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    Protects against hacking and information leaks by saving certificates and e-Signature on IC Chip’s HSM (Hardware Security Module), a top-grade security medium

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    Supports NFC (Near Field Communication) for simple communication with smartphones and card readers

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    Uses PKI-based Public Key Algorithms to ensure secure financial transactions

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    Can be used as a regular check card or a credit card

Using NFC Smart Card Online

  • Step 1

    On the authentication
    page of a website
    or an app, select
    Fingerprin Smart Card

  • Step 2

    phone number

  • Step 3

    PIN number

  • Step 4

    Touch the card
    on the smartphone

Using NFC Smart Card Offline

  • Touch the Card
    on POS Terminal

Features and Specification

NFC Smart Card Product Features

  • Security

    Protects against hacking and information leaks by saving authentication certificates in the IC Chip, a top-grade security medium

  • Portability

    Provides portability by storing all personal information and certificates on the IC chip of a check card or credit card

  • Scalability

    Supports PC and mobile applications for financial transactions, electronic commerce, public bidding, etc.

  • Standards Compliance

    KISA Security Token Compliance

NFC Smart Card Product Specifications

H/W CPU 16bit
RAM 6k
Interface ISO 7816/ T=0 / ISO14443/ Type A (Mifare)
S/W Standard Support Javacard 2.2.1 / VGP2.1.1
Crypto Algorithm DES(T-DES), RSA, SEED, AES
Application VSDC 2.8.1 / Paypass-M/Chip 4 / ATM / Bank Certificate

NFC Smart Card Applicable Areas

NFC Smart Card can be used both online and offline for authentication and payment.

  • Online Authentication

    Authentication during any log-ins to Online
    Banking, Public Institution, and General Enterprise

  • Offline Access Control

    Offline Access controls using Government ID Card,
    Employee ID Card, Student ID Card, Car Smart Key, etc.

  • Online Payment

    Online Payments for Bank Transfer, Internet Shopping,
    Bills, Medical Services, Cultural Content Purchases, etc.

  • Offline Payment

    Offline Payments for general transactions, bills,
    medical services, parking and public transportation, etc.