Global Leading Security Service Provider

As a “Global Leading Security Service Provider”,
KSID will become the No.1 Global Company.


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's right people

Korea Smart ID is seeking for Employees that dream and realize a goal with our Company.




Smart and Creative

Smart Employee

Smart Employee

Employee who leads KSID to become
  a Global Enterprise with creative minds

        Employee who provides
      satisfaction for
   all customers implementing
high customer value

Employee who desires  
to be the best in the field

's Recruitment process

01. Resume

Thorough Review of Applicant’s Qualifications

02. Interview

Evaluates the ability, passion, strategic mind, and working capacity of the Applicant

03. Executive Interview

Evaluates the overall possibilities and future growth of the Applicant

04. Physical Examination

Evaluates the health condition of the Applicant

05. Probationary Period

Evaluates the working capacity during this period

06. Hired!

Through varieties of different evaluation, Employee is selected and hired to KSID