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Dynamic Signature Solution

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WHAT IS A Dynamic Signature Solution ?

Using Online Signature Verification System, it verifies
the user by checking the user’s signature.

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    No worries of losing like IDs or passwords, no need to possess it like stamps, keys or cards.

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    Only Applicable for those that use signature as a verification method. Credit Card, Bank Account, ID, Passports, e-Documents etc.

  • - Smart Phone

    - Online Signature

    - PKI





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    The most universal,
    and secure
    Signature Verification Solution

Solution Configuration

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    Technology of biometrics to verify one’s self

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    Verifies the authenticity of the signature through analysis of the following factors shape, pressure, speed, time, stroke orders

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    Precise self-authentication is possible through different characteristics of the signature and imitating the signature is impossible

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    Applicable everywhere that requires self-authentication

Solution Diagram

[ Solution Execution / Analysis ]

Authentication Completed

Solution Features and Uses

Solution Features

  • Convenience

    No need to memorize your password and ID anymore


    No need to have it in possession like your stamps, keys, or cards


    Solved the problem of theft, data leaks and losing


    Naturally applied unlike other biometric authentication


    Personal Signature Data could be managed and saved on the server


    Applicable to all Authentication Media that requires such verification such as credit card, bank account, ID, Access Controls

  • Security

    Created a strong e-signature and repudiation function by combining signature and PKI


    The most universal, convenient, and strong security verification solution
    (Smart Phone + Online Signature Authentication + PKI + Fraud Detection System)


    Through the active use of smart phones worldwide, signature verification is the most universal and convenient verification solution


    Replaces PKI Certificate with Signature Verification (Retain PKI’s security and Signature Verification’s Convenience)


    Captures any abnormalities in the Back-end with Signature Verification related FDS

Solution Applicable Areas

  • Banks

  • Credit Card Companies

  • Stock Firms

  • Enterprises and
    Public Institutes