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TEE (Trusted Execution Environment)

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Independent and secure execution environment
created using the TrustZone, an ARM family of
AP (Application Processor) chip.

Processes and Executes data and applications that
require strong security, such as Personal Information,
Authentications, Contents etc. in a separate security zone.
Available only on Android Smart Phones.

TEE Solution Diagram

    Trusted APPS

  • Personal

  • Content

  • Corporate Emailing,
    VPN, Access

  • Financial

  • Rich OS Application Environment
  • Trusted Execution Environment

TEE Solution Concept

  • ·

    Provides H/W based Independent Execution Environment

  • ·

    Provides a separate API in Android and TEE area

  • ·

    Global Platform Standardization

  • ·

    Secure Boot, Secure Storage Functions

  • ·

    Security and Trust obtained Application

TEE Solution Use Cases

  • ·

    (Secured) Certificate Application

  • ·

    (Secured) OTP Application

  • ·

    (Secured) E-Banking Application

  • ·

    (Secured) Mobile Payment Application

TEE Solution Characteristics

  • Security

    Provides safe security service through
    Hardware based independent execution environment

  • Convenience

    All authentication and payment services
    available with Smart Device

  • Scalability

    Available in other fields such as finance,
    public, enterprise and educations

  • Compatibility

    Provides different Smart Devices based
    on the Android OS in use

TEE Solution Applicable of Activity

TEE Solution can be used in different fields such as Enterprise, Finance, Personal and Digital Contents.

  • Enterprise Solution

    Anti-malware, BYOD, Single Sign On & VPN,
    Account Management

  • Financial Service

    Internet / Mobile Banking, Payment, NFC-HCE,
    mPOS, Safe Deal Management

  • User Authentication

    User ID Management, 2 Factor Verification,
    FIDO based biometrics authentication

  • Digital Contents

    DRM (Digital Rights Management) Security, Digital
    Contents Illegal Copy and Distribution Prevention