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Tracking Control Solution

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Container Freight Tracking Secure Control Solution monitors
the current location and internal state of the freights
in real-time using Smart Logistics’ eSeal/CSD Device

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    Monitors for any illegal door openings, temperatures changes, humidity, and impact using the device’s sensor through M2M based real-time monitoring system

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    Real time monitoring for any deviation from specified routes, illegal openings including alarm system, travel information etc.

Solution Configuration

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    Web based monitoring program

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    Reports and Charts Functions related to Temperature / Humidity, Impacts, and Container Door Openings

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    Real time monitoring with single or divided screen

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    Query functionality of the travel record available for any specific time or place

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    Query function of inside and outside condition of the container available

  • ·

    JSP, JAVA spring MVC

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    Query function for xml based coordinate information

  • [ Web based monitoring of real-time container location information ]

  • [ Equipment History Management ]

Solution Features

  • Monitoring

    Real-time monitoring of location and
    status information via GIS
    (temperature, humidity, impact, door sealing)

  • Operation Information Management

    Travel Path Query, Interest Location Settings,
    Operation Statistics and Reports

  • Management and Reporting

    Travel Route Deviation Detection,
    Illegal Opening of Container Detection